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Below is a list of volunteering activities at Life Experiences, Inc.

  • Volunteer for an upcoming annual event
  • Prepare an employee (client) profile booklet
  • Help write grants
  • Develop a marketing plan
  • Work with employees (clients) one-on-one
  • Organize a picnic or party for the employees
  • Help the employees with a craft project
  • Develop an information packet for the prospective employees and their families
  • Clean up the records room
  • Organize tools and storage room
  • Support our businesses (order from our bakery!)
  • Refer people for services (potential employees)
  • Sponsor an upcoming annual event
  • Refer people for business projects (laundry, sub contracts, etc.)
  • Serve on a committee (board of directors, fund raising committee, etc.)
  • Donate website design services
  • Conduct a supply drive (cleaning supplies, office supplies, crafts, etc.)
  • Throw a party! We love to party!
  • Beautification of Life Experiences (landscaping projects, housekeeping, painting, etc.)
  • Put out pine straw (40 bales needed)
  • Paint (need to bring paint and paint supplies)
  • Donate items on our wish list
If you have any additional ideas, or would like to schedule a day to volunteer please let us know below.