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Buckwheat Hull

Our first e-commerce business: Buckwheathull.com

The newest enterprise to operate under Life Experiences is BuckwheatHull.com, an online business specializing in hypo-allergenic Buckwheat hulls and Buckwheat seeds for use in products such as pillows, cushions, and heating pads.

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The idea was the brainchild of former Morrisville, North Carolina Mayor Jackie Holcombe, who founded BuckwheatHull.com to create an employment opportunity for her daughter, Lindsay, born with Down Syndrome. Jackie’s hope from the start was to build an organization to help her daughter and other special-needs individuals to lead fulfilling, productive lives.

Jackie’s efforts, along with Lindsay’s excellent work habits and a feature on the Martha Stewart Show combined to result in great success for BuckwheatHull.com. Now as a component of the Life Experiences family of businesses, many more developmentally disabled individuals will benefit from this unique enterprise.

We invite you to read and link to the articles below and also view the “Bucks for Buckwheat” video a local television station produced about us (please excuse the low quality). We’re delighted to have built an organization that offers more than just a bag of buckwheat hulls or seeds. And we’re thrilled to be expanding our employment opportunity to many more developmentally disabled adults.

Martha Stewart recommends Buckwheathull.com in Craft of the Day!
The hull shebang, from The Cary News
NC State Engineers Help Workers With Developmental Disabilities, from Engineering News
Bucks for Buckwheat video, from local TV station WB 22.

Commonly Asked Questions
We receive questions about our buckwheat seeds and hulls all the time. We have posted a basic lists of answers to these commonly asked questions.