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2018-2019 Board of Directors

Life Experiences Board of Directors
Kenneth Bollinger, Vice-Chair – President Elect- Madison Oaks Wealth Partners

Randy Clayton – Senior Vice President, Four Oaks Bank

Travis Wright Colopy, HR Committee Chair – Executive Director, Fit & Able Productions, Inc.

Tia Coppus, Treasurer – Treasury Management Sales Officer, Pinnacle Financial Partners

A. Michael Cuomo – Regional Brokerage Manager – Carolina East Wells Fargo

Rhoda Dompier – President and CEO of Life Experiences, Inc.

Frances Grant – Family Member

Hal Jordan, Building/Tenant Committee Chari – President, Harold K. Jordan Construction

Ann Montgomery – Retired, Educator

Walt Sliva, Board Chair- President – Retired, Community Volunteer

Becca Smith, Secretary – Director of Marketing, Smith & Smith, CPA

Lorrie Walter – Executive Account Director, PPD Strategic Partnerships