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Union Bank & Trust Co. Volunteers at Life Experiences, Inc.

Life Experiences, Inc. is a wonderful place to volunteer and partner with amazing people living and working in our community.

At Life Experiences, Inc. we provide a choice of satisfying work experiences for adults with varying disabilities, and at the same time allows those adults the self-esteem of earning a wage for their work.

Blair Dickerson, Larry Holt, Jessica Register, and David Morgan with Union Bank & Trust Co. visited with us today and helped us with some of our current projects.

Union Bank & Trust Co. has initiated a fun and inclusive program called, “Hoopla”. This is to encourage everyone within the bank to participate in team building exercises.  And our friends at Union Bank & Trust Co. decided to take their “Hoopla” out on the road and into their local community by volunteering with us today.

Thank you Jessica, Larry, Blair, and David! Welcome to our Life Experiences, Inc. family.