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Legacy of Life Experiences continues with Bill Perry

Previous Life Experiences, Inc. employee Bill Perry is affectionately known as Mr. Bill.  Life Experiences, Inc. is a better place because of the wonderful people that have worked in our many departments over the years and still today.  Mr. Bill started with Life Experiences, Inc. when we opened in 1978. He worked in our Bakery, Sprouts and Laundry departments until 2006. After his retirement in 2006, Mr. Bill has continued to visit us as a monthly volunteer.

Mr. Bill was born in 1936 in Georgia, where he raised frogs and sold them as a youngster. He attended the academy for five years and then moved to Cary and has lived here for 35 years.  As Mr. Bill turns 77 this year, he looks back and fondly remembers his time as an employee here at Life Experience, Inc. He laughs as he tells me about breaking eggs and spreading them over the cinnamon rolls while he worked in the bakery.

Mr. Bill has been a very busy man, throughout his career at Life Experiences, Inc. he worked in almost every department we have.  He proudly explained that he was happy to have a job and receive pay. He was able to save his money and purchase haircuts, new suits, and go on trips.

When asked what he would say to a brand new employee Mr. Bill said, “Welcome to Life Experiences and I hope you enjoy it like I did. Continue working, when you get aggravated just settle down and work.”

When asked what he would say to family members thinking about placing their loved one at Life Experiences, Inc. Mr. Bill said, “We enjoy working here. I was just sitting in a room when I first moved here. Then someone from Life Experiences interviewed me, and I was able to start working here.”

Mr. Bill is now enjoying retirement by going out monthly with his fellow residents, volunteering monthly at Life Experiences, Inc., being an usher at First Baptist Church and visiting with his family (Betty Gibson, Pennie Gibson and Peggy Caroll).  His next adventure will be flying back to Atlanta, Ga for the upcoming Braves game.