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Buckwheat Hulls and Seeds are Fashionable

Our newest department is bringing in hundreds of orders and we couldn’t be happier!

Buckwheat Hulls – 2 Pounds: $5.99
Buckwheat Hulls – 10 Pounds: $21.99
Buckwheat Hulls – 18 Pounds: $38.99

Whole Buckwheat Seeds – 2 Pounds: $5.99
Whole Buckwheat Seeds – 10 Pounds: $23.99

To estimate shipping charges, use the links provided on our website to U.S. Postal Office and FedEx calculators. We ship from ZIP CODE 27513.  Please add 1/2 lb per box for shipping materials when estimating weight.  For questions please email or Phone: (919) 467-1973.

What are people using Buckwheat Hulls or Whole Buckwheat Seeds for? Many are using them for pillows, meditation cushions, and yoga mats.

If you are currently using our Buckwheat Hulls or Whole Buckwheat Seeds, we would love to share a photo of how you are using our product! Email your photos to: