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The hull shebang By Ann Claycombe, Staff writer Lindsay Holcombe and Christie Fahey lean forward, their heads almost touching as they peer at the controls on the machine. With a little help from Lindsay, Christie twists a handle to send buckwheat hulls rushing into a bin. She hooks a plastic bag to the bottom of the bin and pulls a lever to let the hulls fall into the bag. “Go, Christie, go!” Lindsay says. Christie smiles. Lindsay and Christie, both 15 years old, represent the entire workforce of the business based at They spend a few hours each week packaging and shipping buckwheat hulls, which are naturally hypoallergenic and commonly used as pillow stuffing. It’s typical for girls their age to hold after-school jobs — even those who are home-schooled, as both girls are. But Lindsay, who has Down syndrome, and Christie, who is autistic, cannot take typical teenage […]

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